Friday, June 12, 2017

Clean water is still a big problem in our community and over 60% of our population still drink water from an unsafe source and that is why we have so many people suffering from diseases caused by drinking and using water from contaminated sources. Girls and women have to walk very long distances to look for water and this has negatively impacted on girls’ education as a result of many risk factors they meet on the way to fetch water. Further more, women waste a lot of productive time to look for water instead of using it on activities that create income to the family. Therefore, if water shortages are addressed girls’ education will greatly improve and the same for household income and health. – Acheng Joy Ruth, Kole District MP

The Board of Trustees are:

Chairperson: Rev. Fr. Ponsiano Okalo
Vice Chairperson: Ruth Acheng Ogweng
General Secretary Bongo Jimmy
Finance Secretary: Mrs Florence Odongo Legal Advisor: Abwang Mike Otim
C/O Abwang Otim & Company Advocate
Organising Secretary: Hon Alaju Caesar
1. Mrs Stella Acan
2. Dr. James Ongu Elim
3. Rev. Willy Okello Odwee
4. Mr. James Opollo
5. Mrs. Florence Odio
6. Mr. James Ojoro
7. Okori James

“Uganda Association for Serving Humanity” (UASH),


A community based charity organisation that is affiliated to ASHI founded in West Lothian, Scotland - UK (Charity Number SC041523). The offices of the organisation shall be located in Lango Sub Region with its head office in Bala Sub - County, Kole District - Uganda.

The organisation, in response to the above commitment has four core project/program areas so as to provide psychosocial wellbeing to the vulnerable people in Northern Uganda. These areas are by order of priority; Water, Health and Sanitation, Livelihood and Poverty Eradication, Education/Skill labour enhancement, Human Rights Advocacy and Peace Building

The association's objectives are:


To provide pure water and ancillary equipment in those areas of the country where people are suffering because of lack of, shortage and contaminated water. Also to raise awareness about such issues for the benefit of the community. To work with other organisations or individuals who work for the same objective

Phase I of Bala Water project:


Borehole driling at Olai Village Bala Sub-County Kole District.
UASH Senior Management team with the Management of TGS water Ltd signing contract for the drilling of One Borehole at olai Village Bala sub-county Kole District.

Phase II of Bala Water project:


Commissioning of Phase II borehole at Te Oryang Angic Parish Bala Sub County Kole District.


PETER WATERTECH CONSULT was contracted to supervise to the drilling, pump testing and water quality analysis of one borehole in Bala Sub County. NILE DRILLING COMPANY was contracted to carrying out the construction of the water facility. This report entailed the results and findings of the processes that were carried out during the construction process under the close supervision of PETER WATERTECH CONSULT.
WATER QUALITY On completion of the pump test, a water sample was collected and tested from the laboratory centre in Entebbe.
Result of Water quality test: water is suitable for drinking without any treatment. However it is recommended that the water be chlorinated to ensure it remains free from E.coli and Total Coliforms
The borehole was installed at the drilling target identified during the geophysical investigation. The borehole was drilled to completion at a depth of 63m using rotary percussion drilling method. Water strike was encountered at 28, 40 and 63 m and the borehole had a final blow yield of 18000 l/h. The construction was completed with the installation of plain PVC casings, slotted casings as well as gravel packs to ensure long term sustainability. The borehole was subjected to pump test and groundwater sample was collected and submitted for analysis. Based on the analysis of the pump test data, the borehole is capable of producing a suitable yield of 1 m3/hr. This is suitable for installation of a submersible pump. The results of the water quality analysis indicated that the water from the borehole is suitable for drinking without any treatment.
The result of the pump test only represents a ‘snap short in time’ and therefore the long term sustainability yield of the borehole can only be accurately determined if a record of static and dynamic water level and pumping volume is kept and analyzed on a regular basis by geohydrologist.
We trust that this meets with your immediate requirements and we will be please to discuss any issues arising from the above.
The consultant recommends that the Nile drilling Company accomplished all the tasks as was clearly stated in the term of contract. The consultant supervised and observed the quality of work within the defect liability period and therefore recommends good work done by Nile drilling company hence retention can be paid to the company.
Prepared by;
Peter Opio